Thursday, April 28, 2016


sahm or stay at home mom.

i am not the type. obviously. i know many would think of me saying this made me become less of a mother. no, i am not. it is just a matter of preference. yup i do like to be around my son but i was a career woman long before i am a mother.

i love reading shit out of contract. i love to indulge myself in drafting. i missed the adrenaline during negotiation meeting...or (was it argument?)

dont get me wrong as i have so much respect for the sahm. the sacrifice the made. i am one of them now. it has been 3 months i ve taken the job as domestic goddes. im starting to love it.

but somehow there are some spots in here feel like it needs to be filled in.

i ve got job interviews next week. wish me luck. i ve attended quite few but none made it to employment.

as for now, pls enjoy this lil man who is currently so obsessed with car. and sleep with it

As always,


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