Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ade sedeh sedikit

bloghopping sana sini. since tgl lagi sebulan lebih je aku kat company ni, kerja2 pon dh tak bnyk..more to handing over dekat my exec. im not sure when is the new manager will join this company, but heard from the HR, my superior dh request utk advertise for the position. so if ade reader yg minat nk apply, hehehe tgu la if PAAB ade buat job opening.

neway, aku sedeh lah hari ni bkn pasal resign tu. tapi pasal aku baca blog2 org2 yg try nk dpt baby. haaa termasuk la aku. aku ni baru 8 bln kahwin pon dh rase teringin nk ade baby sendiri. ni aku baca, ade yg dh kahwin for 8 years, tried iui la, ivf la, urut tradisional...spent almost 50k trying to conceive. ntah kenapa sayu sgt. tak tahu lah pulak nasib aku ni macam mana. tapi aku berdoa sangat2 untuk dpt baby. H x bagi aku pk sgt, akut aku upset. tapi everytime period aku lambat, h excited sgt. adehhh...and upt memang sokmo la -ve. insyaallah one day aku buat upt ade 2 line merah tu... (ala yg macam fasha sandha tu).

tapi serious aku risau. bila baca psl pcos and cyst...mmg byk tanda2 dekat aku. hari tu aku pegi klinik jmp doctor. tny psl period cycle aku yg tak regular ni. doctor tu suruh tunggu smp setahun kahwin.tapi aku dh mcm tak boleh tunggu. sebab aku risau kalau2 ade pcos and cyst ni...sbb tanda2 kat aku obvious sgt. H suruh aku trus g jumpa gynae. ade member aku doctor pon suruh aku jmp gynae. siap dia ckp " ala GP mmg la cam tu, dia ckp takde apa2...nnt ko jmp gynae,baru tau prob sebenar. so GP ni x blh pakai sgt lah" offense to GP sbb tu bukan aku yg ckp, tapi member aku (dia pon doctor jugak) yang ckp.

so aku suruh doctor klinik tu tulis referral letter to gynae. siap doctor klinik tu ckp, "i can write u ref letter to gynae, but the cost will not be covered under pmcare" ...hmmm doc, i dont mind paying if it is for the child we ve been longing for. tapi aku mcm agak terkilan la cara doctor tu. kenapa nak suruh tunggu lagi if dia sendiri nmpk tanda2 tu? nak tunggu lagi teruk ke baru nk suruh jumpa gynae? sirius aku kompius disitu. balik frm klinik, aku tanya HR kt opis pmcare cover ke x bnda ni. dia tlg call kan pmcare and alhamdulillah pmcare cover for the cost.

so next month aku punya appointment. thts the earliest date yg blh jmp gynae sbb she's fully booked smp next month. pls doakan yg terbaik utk aku ya. ok lah takmo sedeh2 laaa...nk balik nk masak tomyam.haaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayer been answered

i have asked lotsa things from Allah. and for some of it have been answered, syukur alhamdulillah.i am not a greedy person, i just want to have a better life, always want to improve what i have now. and last week, one of my prayers has been granted. thank you Allah. and of course to you my lovely readers, i really thank you and appreciate your du'a.

i have been wanting to share the good news since may, but until i have the official letter with me, i dared not to. so last week i got phone call from the company asking me to collect the offer letter. went there on monday, but it was not official yet, not until i have done my med examination. as i have to attend a seminar in penang last tuesday, so the med xm need to be postponed. the offer is conditional subject to the result of my med check up, i couldnt confirmed my acceptance.

went to see the doctor on Thursday and acknowledged my acceptance. alhamdullillah...i ll be joining new company after raya.


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