Monday, February 25, 2013


there is posssibility of me being jobless. i have tendered my resignation letter.
i made up my mind, not considering that i havent got any job offer yet.
one month that is, from today. i am not sure i am gonna regret this or not.
but i just couldnt work with the type of person that im dealing with now.

dear lovely readers, please pray for me. so that i ll get new job.i just hate to think that i ll be jobless

Friday, February 8, 2013

as im writing this, tears keep falling down like rain.h is sleeping next to me. this week has been a rough one for it work or personal.

i went for a check up with dr cantik today. we discussed on my hsg result. adhesion was spotted. she suggested tht i opt for laps procedure. sooner the better.perhaps nx week. im just so scared right now. i just had my hsg and still traumatized by the effect. drove back alone after the procedure as h's flight was only at 7.45pm. it was freakin sakit! at first it was just an uneasy feeling.mcm buat pap smear.and it turned out to be deymmm sakit. after tht i was left on tht katil besi alone for anor 30 freakin minutes. and i cried most of the time.

im having a hard time at work to add more to this ttc prob. im just so fragile lately.simple things could have touched my heart n makes me cry.

not quite sure about the laps procedure but im definitely scared.i wish i could be stronger


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