Monday, February 25, 2013


there is posssibility of me being jobless. i have tendered my resignation letter.
i made up my mind, not considering that i havent got any job offer yet.
one month that is, from today. i am not sure i am gonna regret this or not.
but i just couldnt work with the type of person that im dealing with now.

dear lovely readers, please pray for me. so that i ll get new job.i just hate to think that i ll be jobless

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Nini Jamal said...

rilek beb..aku pun penah mngalami bnde yg same..aku lebih rela tak keje, tak de duit dr ari2 terase cm nk menangis or even nk pelempang org.. but luckily, rezeki di bumi Allah Taala ni luas.. last2 i dpt keje yg lagik bagos dgn gajik yg lagi bergande.. so, u just set ur mind, ade hikmahnye ko resign tu..will pray for u darling wawa senior..hehe =)

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