Monday, March 23, 2009

teLL me aBouT yourSelf?

it s 2am n m still awake..masih memikirkan the outcome the 2 interviews last week.i really hope they ll call back this week n convey some gud news to me..the only thing tht im concerned abt is my salary.cos for both interviews, i was told tht my current salary is quite high..with only 1yr n 6months experience in the practice, perhaps i was overrated by my former n current employer. (note:to compare with othe lawyers of my experience, mine is a bit higher jerr...)
(anor note: gaji loyer2 adalah sgt sikit) hahahaha..keji la kan..but i dun mind cos im sooooooo in love with this profession.

i hate interviews and i hate it more when ppl ask this question during interview


urghhh wat am i supposed to answer..and how?it s too general..i know it s a standard question but it s too general in a sense tht u ll never stop talking about urself n sumtime it almost sounds like ur bragging about ur family n achievement in life (though i have none yet..haha), how smart u many A's u got for spm, pmr bla bla bla

all informations are stated in the resume..y cant they just flip it and read? or was it a personality test?cos im realy bad in marketing..cos ppl say in ajob itvw, u have to sell urself..n im damn sux in marketing..give me issues, i will argue and submit..but nvr ask me to sell product..cos i ll end up buying it instead of selling...hahahahah

perhaps i should have just told them something tht they wudnt blv like:-

1. dulu masa sekolah saya suka ponteng prep n ponteng kelas
2 .dulu masa sekolah, saya pernah dipecat jd pengawas sbb lawan warden (dilantik jd pengawas
pon sbb pengetua nk guna reverse psychology..well it didnt work cos i was too smart then to know their tactics..hahah)
3. saya tak pernah join apa2 persatuan, kelab masa di s not tht im an anti-social..but my have my own style socializing with ppl..hahahah keji lah sy ini..
4. saya mahu jd peguam sbb sy suka tgk ally mcbeal (hhohoho glemer oo ceta ni dulu)
5. sy tak suka pergi kelas masa kat uia
6. saya bwk kereta savvy saya itu lagaknya mcm pelumba kereta tersohor (2 hrs 30 minutes kl-jb and 2hrs kl-lumut, 4hrs kl-alor star)
7. sy ada more than 20 pairs of shoes..(hahah ni aagak sikt nk dibanding dgn kwn2 yg lain)
8. saya tidak suka baca suratkhabar, tidak suka tgk news on tv..
9. tapi saya sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yg amat sgt to watch mcm2 aznil
10. i play futsal but i dun watch footies..(yg ni dh diberitahu semasa proses intvw.when iw as asked btw MU or liverpool, i picked none.selamat cos tht person is actually a fan of liverpool)..hahaa

so i have completed the 1o THINGS ABOUT ME wc i found none are relevant to be discussed or mentioned durg i better not to spill them out question


lord, pls save me..cos when i was asked ths Q, i quickly answred, i want to be rich...hell yeah..tht was my answer..sounds stupid and bimbo-ish..they might think tht i am the next legally blonde of malaysia..(note: i love pink stuffs..hahah). at least i was not pretending like othe ppl.most wolud probably say

" wanna be a partner"
"wanna have my own practice"
"wanna join big company n be part of their top managemnt team"

hey..dont u wanna be rich peeps?i wanted to be rich since i was a lil kid (of course im a big girl now...and big, haha really meant it).



this is anor standard question. and i hate to think abt the answer.or should i just tell them i dont have any?ahahah greatest weakness is...jeng jeng jeng... nahhh im not gonna tell my real weakness to anyone.y do ppl wanna kow about your greates weakness?i dun get u think ppl love to tell the whole world about his/her weakness?i dunno whetr lack of self confidence is really my greatest weakness but dat was the only think i could think of at tht time..hahahaha. but ireally find tht this question is so unnecessary.


because no one is perfect. but embracing the 'tiny imperfection' in ourselves is what we are all abt.what may be called imperfection is wat makes us special and unique.

anyway..i dont think tht any living 1creatures love to brag about their weaknesses.

erkk.o..mcm panjang jer entry nih...ahhaha stop lah.
ok nk titon..papai..
toink toink toink
mimpi katak lompat2 tgi (sgt tak relevan)

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