Thursday, November 18, 2010


ade sesapa berminat nk apply kerja tak?

company : Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad

position: Legal & Compliance Executive

1. LLB/CLP (admission to the Bar will be an added advantage *sebab boleh geng sama wa hokay*)
2. 1-2 yrs. Fresh Grads are also welcomed (janji korang eager to learn new things)

gender preference: either male or female..transgender wa tak layan..nanti aku kena kongsi toilet plak derrrr

gaji : ikut kepandaian korang demand..hahahah. fresh grad jgn nak ngade2 demand! wa pancung awal2!

Work Description:

>vet through all the agreements, BOD papers, tender documents, TOR, SOPs, procurement
manuals, and any other related documents that have legal implications and to analyze if there is any legal issue arising thereof.

> to ensure that the documents forwarded by other
departments are in compliance with the board resolutions, SOPs, procurement manual and
relevant laws and regulations.

>to assist other departments in solving the legal issues

>manage the ongoing/future litigation suits for/against the company

>to assist the Head of Legal Department in preparing BOD papers initiated by our own
department, and to prepare letters, memo, agreements

>prepare and draft legal opinion before outsourcing the issues to the external lawyer (if the need arises)

>to attend meetings with other departments, consultants and other external meetings

>Liaising with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers, auditors and Company Secretary

kalau ade yg berminat, boleh emailkan kepada . buat mase ni, HR kitorang belum advertise lagi. kalau dah advertise, konpem melambak application. aku malas nk interview ramai2..den banyak laie kojo lain nak buek! our company profile korang bleh tgk sendiri kat

4 tukang karut:

BLADE EDGE said...

salam aidiladha raidah...

tempatnya di mana? selangor ker??

bila interview??

Anonymous said...

emon, arini ade advert procurement exec. boleh apply tru hang ka? heheh..hang gang ngan hr tak? ^_^

سيتي هدايه said...

Still ade vacancy lagi tak sekarang? Gee;))

سيتي هدايه said...

Akak. I know skrng dah tahun 2011. But f ada vacancy kat bahagian law dept ni I nak try boleh? Cz i'm not interested in practicing. ;(

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