Monday, February 27, 2012

i had a good talk with the ceo of one of the water companies. he made some good points which i couldnt agree more.

1. water engineers are not paid much bcos of the low water tariff
-that explained why oil and gas engineers are highly paid. harga minyak mahal oiii...

2. operational efficiency is benchmarked by the percentage of NRW
- and NRW is to measure the inefficiency of water engineers/companies

3. water engineers and their presence are invisible to public bcos we have alternate rainy days (most of the time) in malaysia.
-Lets imagine when there is drought...and to make it worse, a severe drought. kemarau 7 musim macam dalam kisah nabi yunus tu ke? air setitik pon takdak utk minum and ppl are willing to pay for water just like they pay for their petrol.

pengajarannya, dont take water for granted just because we are blessed enough to have uninterrupted supply of raw water from the sources. look at our neighbour in spore, how much they are paying for their water bills. for our future generation, lets appreciate water.. and those who work at water companies/sectors sbb kami bekerja utk rakyat, bukan utk profit :)

2 tukang karut:

Anonymous said...

water engineers handsome tak? hahaha!!

kannn... hanya org2 berdepan dengan situasi air je tau betapa kita perlu menghargai air..

~salwaredzuan~ said...

handsome2 pom ati...klu dh nama engineer tu mmg la x smart mcm mamat banker.hahahah

btw, kemarau 7 musim tu nabi yusuf kan? bkn yunus..nabi yunus ikan paus punya kisah tu. i lupa dehhh

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