Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Next week saya akan jumpa Dr.Tan for 2nd time. Tecik will approx be 12-13 weeks. i am entering my 2nd trimester next week. but morning sickness getting worse.  I am not complaining, im just jotting down my pregnancy journey here in case tecik got time to read this in future...just in case, for you to know i have already fallen in love with you tecik..hihihi.

i have read so many post of fb from the pregnancy mom group. some of them were really heart wrenching. yesterday, a fellow mommy to be had lost her baby. she went for monthly check up and doc said there was no heartbeat. At 11 weeks (just like me) she was doing just fine, no bleeding, no nauseating, no nothing. And she thought baby should be fine and healthy inside. but Allah has a better plan for her. Her baby will permanently be a resident in Jannah, and will be waiting for her there. And i forgot to mention here, she had waited for 7 years for her first pregnancy. Dear, friend, i pray you be strong and keep faith in Him. He works in His mysterious ways. Pasrah and redha, insyaallah you will get through this.

i just pray and hope that tecik is doing well inside. Jump, kick, scratch, do whatever you want to do child, i dont mind. even if that means i have to wake up every hour at night to pee, or having to vomit every morning or suffering with alot of heartburn...then so be it. i just want you to be a healthy baby throughout these 9 months. mommy and daddy really cant wait to meet you in november.

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