Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I can feel you lil peanut

It was last two weeks after having iftar alone. hub went to iftar with office... i was sitting on the couch and waiting for the food to slowly travel to to my digestive system. and suddenly, i could feel some kinda movement on lower side of my abdomen. i dont know how to describe, it feels like there's fish swimming inside ur tummy. then i realize, it was you my dear. thank you Allah. i am so blessed. and last week, u have identified yourself to our gynae as baby naj...mmy loves u mucho lil peanut

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HiDa said...

Emon,aku hilang blog kau punye link. Aku x ingat aku dh wish ke blm kt FB tapi anyway Congrats to you and Hubby.

So so happy for u guys. Aku doakan smuanya selamat sampai tecik lahir...amin

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