Friday, February 8, 2008

...and now i am a blogger...YEAYY!!

i am sooo happy..finally i have my own blog. it's like my new born baby...ok..ok..i got it..that is too much..of exeggeration..but i couldn't help i am smiling cos i have my own blog...YEayayy...erk...but i do have some problem now..reading those blogs (some written by my frens..and some of which tht i have just googled out) it must be tough to present your idea in a blog..and wats more to make your ideas presentable so that other ppl enjoy reading your blog....

nahhh..i dun give a damn whether people enjoy reading my blog or perhaps they might not want to come back again..i believe tht writing (or shuold i say blogging) is a mechanism or a method for one to or portray their ideas, stories or thoughts on things that occur to them or their minds..

my post will be on anything..yes, when i say really means could be politics, law, war, n hatred..or stupid jokes tht i want to share with you guys.. i am facing this writer's block thingy...i have never realised that bloggong is quite difficult in the sense tht sometime u had so many things to post here but you just didnt know what and where to begin with..

enough said..i am done for today..i ll keep ya gust with more updates and more stories of my mundane life..

p/s: selamat tahun baru cina to all my chinese frens...enjoy your makan besar...

3 tukang karut:

~LIZA~ said...

i enjoy reading your blog :)

ps. just be yourself.. kalau suka, orang baca. kalau tak suka kita pedulik apa!!

~ohara~ said...

huhuh..baru nak start ni..dari dulu ckp nak malas gilaa...lg pon i ni minah buta IT..huhuh

~LIZA~ said...

post la entry banyak2 lagi :D

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