Monday, February 11, 2008 is monday...i have this injunction case in shah alam..there was no preparation on my part though we are the applicant..for some reason, i have the feeling that this case is going to be further postponed..and prediction is 100% sangat lah tepat..phewww...lega betul

this was the first time that i came to the court vulnarable. i have all the cases and bundles of douments with me..tapi sikit pon tak baca cases tu semua.this is so crazeee are a lawyer.ur utmost responsibilties are towards the clients how dare u came to court without even touched the file a day before the hearing.and now i am cursing and condemning myself

but i was lucky though cos the other side lawyer needs an adjournment..he also came duly not prepared.and i was just standing there with the fullest of my confidence..stood there poised, holding the thick bundle of documents and i brought together with me 6 thick books like i have been doing all the research during this long hols...prepared to fight my battle..( hahahah dalam hati tuhan je la tau aku memang tgh nervous thp gaban)...

ironically, the defendant's lawyer succumbed to my trick and prayed for an adjournment...TAHNIAH ohara...anda berjaya fooled the lawyer and also the judge. it s my humble apology my lord..i didnt mean to deceive your lordship..but it seems to me that i was convincing enough to make the court convinced with my deception..indeed i am full of trickery my lord...hahahah

sekarang saya sudah balik ofis..dan sangat lah mengantuk sebab semalam i watched desperate houswives dvd tht i bought last year..hahah..last year tu..lama gila baru dapat habiskan tgk..

p/s: mlm ini saya nak lepak dgn kwn2 saya yg dah lama x jumpa..owhh tak sabarnye nk gelak kuat2 sampai pecah perut

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me said...

wonder who you are... kenal ke ek? anyway, thanks for dropping by. you make me miss practising... :( I used to do that too!

Anonymous said...

i saja je lalu lintas kat blog2 org..hehehe..membuang masa yang sebnanyer tak cukup nih..

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