Monday, January 19, 2009

as a muslim and a true believer
we have to please Allah
as a daughter
we have to please our parents
as a niece
have to please our uncles and aunties
as a girlfriend
have to please our bf
as an employee
have to please our boss
as a student
you want to please your teachers
without realizing it, most of the things that we do is to please ppl around us and make them happy. but sometime, they never realize our effort in doing things to please them. sometime, we hurt ourselves by trying so hard to please ppl around us.but does that makes us feel happy? so much hope of wanting to do the right thing..u really thought by doing this or that..u could please the person..but often you ended up doing the wrong thing. well..the reality man.please all and you will please none.
moral of the story: buat bodo je laa..jd minah sengal lagi baik...hahhaaahahah..i used to be minah sengal before.but that was long time before.zaman gelap eropah@zaman arab jahiliyah aku dulu..but i think i should adopt the practice me selfish but i just want to please myself.u should try that too.see the outcome if it makes u feel happier.

2 tukang karut:

GreenApple said...

err.. sat gi ader la cik gayah wat ayat sedih!

~ohara~ said...

ahahaha..apa cer ni..kompius aku laaa

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