Wednesday, January 7, 2009

kebosanan di kantor

nak buat apa ek..sgt busan laa one to accompany me.except for min mentos.the environment here is so different from my previous office.asik bz tak hengat je kje aku dulu..pagi court.petang court.mlm dok opis.kdg2 to the extent yg aku kna bwk blk file ke rumah.pathetic je kan..busan.hari2 benda yg sama.

fed up wt my mundane life, i was always hoping for something extraordinary to happen.contohnye cam aku jalan terkedek2 blk court..then terpijak kulit durian.pastu kaki aku luka.pastu kna g hospital.pastu doktor tu ensem.pastu doktor tu single.pastu doktor tu kem salam kat aku.pastu aku jwb salam doktor tu.pastu doktor tu ajak g ngedet ngn dia..hahaha.. IN YOUR DREAM LAA WOIIII..jgn nk mimpi.

wat about now? ermm..well im missing my court has been a month since the last time i went to court. i ve missed my bib, my black coat, my robe, the bench, the airy feeling in my chest facing the judges(especially datuk su..ampun my lady..sumpah bukan contempt..hahah), i ve missed the smell of the court, the feeling where the adrenaline is screaming thru my veins. i ve missed the smell of the okt (sumpah bau depa ni bucukkkkk).i ve missed the the stunt and spontaneous questions tht i posted to manipulate the prosecution witness..i ve missed the puzzled look the witnesses' faces when i twisted their own evidence.

perhaps im still new here.hope 2009 will provide me wth better experience at RDC and with my new team mates.

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GreenApple said...

huhu.. relax ek?

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