Monday, July 5, 2010


hi seems like i have not been writing anything for quite somtime..been bz with quite a number of it personal or official. ermm mana nak mula ni..

ok, about today.. i have been left to decide on a thing that i should not decide. kdg2 akupenat nak terangkan kat org2 disini, yg sbg legal n compliance officer, my task is advisory in nature. i shud be giving advice whether tht thing is in compliance wif any rules or regulations, or if opinion is needed regarding to the LEGALITY of things in hand..pendek kata, aku blh masok campor bile the issue berkait dgn legal evaluation..bukan credit evaluation...pulak tu, my boss is on leave n will be back on wed. i was put the pressure to write an email and to derive my commercial opinion in the email..which im not supposed to do tht without consulting my immediate superior..dan aku pon col bos aku dan bos aku is not our call to give a falls back to the management to decide.

logically, if legal is to give advice on whether the top management of the company shud or shud not proceed with the decision to say yes or no, baik suh orang legal je jadi ceo! maksud aku kat sni, we, raise the issue as when and where we notice the issue...then we give the pros and cons..wats the impact on our company n so on..tapi bukan nk wat apa2 decision..

ntahlaaa..wa letih laa beb..bos wa kata cm ni..big boss wa kata cm ni..wa fenin..wa nak blk.bye

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