Saturday, February 26, 2011


All in one. Or all for one? Or one for all?

Today was quite rough.had an early morning meetg at SPAN with pahang and others.nothing much la kan..not expecting anything frm ther discussion,dingdong2 jauh lg laaa misi kitorg.anyway it was my first visit to cyberjaya.and I managed to not sesat and meraban *clap clap*

Then me n fiance went to settle our pdrm summons at balai polis hs lee tu.H pny saman 30 hengget je.wa pny 660....hahahahrempit bebeh..wat do u expect kan?tp hampehnye we were told tht no giliran dh wtf kan?ok mencarut is no gud for me.x graceful lgsg!wtf stand for what the fun...ok la tu

So the officer told us tht we can go to any of the listed post we decided to go to pos opis jln gombak sbb H nk pegi cek epf dia kat danau kota tu.waited there for 2 smp je turn kitorg, H dpt setel saman dia.wa nye turn lak, makcik tu leh kata record wa xde dlm system.damn!!!abis tu suh aku bayar,tapi xnak bg byr.u pdrm peeps are chooooo funny hokay!dowan money ke apa?

While waiting there, I received email frm frens at ofc.ok so increment dh masuk. Hepi laa I'm expecting more than it.alhamdulillah, its more than just the aku kinda upset gak laa..cos the responsibility is bigger now, but the perks mcm not so hepi laa with it.bkn lah wa x bsyukur, but u shud gv credit where it is due. And credit yg aku maksudkan adelah $$$ wa agak kuciwa disitu.with the management nye tactic..HR trying to adjust the $ and benefit.I tot HR is supposed to take care of the employee..bkn nye take care kat employer ajo! Anyway, mayb rezki wa kat sni bnyk tu je..mayb ade tmpt lain yg lebih hargai skill wa yg tak seberapa ni...tunang wa suh resign. Not worth it katanya, kje bnyk,tanggungjawab beso but $ ciput. Psl tu la bnyk hal. U pay peanut u get beruk! Tp wa cool dlu..patience is the key to succes, kata bos wa.. Tp wa pulak bkata dlm hati,patience semata x cukup.u gotta be an opportunist.a goer, not just wait and be blessed with watever u ppl gv u. So...wa rase cam nk kena update resume je neh..ahahahah

Eh dh nk pukul 3am.sok wa mau dating since sunday H is oFfing to turk for one month or so. Dia pn tatau blk bila since open tiket kan.oh daku gonna be so keseorangan and singleton again *yeeehaw peeps*

to fiance,sile lah bkerja dgn rajin disana supaya projek anda siap cpt dan pulang ke pangkal jalan...pompuan turkmenistan dgr lata bermata biru dan rambut perang bak bulu jagung..demmmm!!!! Sok nk g blondieeee laa trus! Saiko hokayyy

Nak tido lah.bai

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