Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sangkot The Garden Wedding Place

On sunday, me and H went to Sg. gabai. Our initial thought was to get some cool air as we couldnt stand the sunny sunday. once we reached sg gabai, it was 5.20pm already. of course with no gps aide, we only managed to reach the place after 2 hrs journey. then lps tgk air terjun, tgk org mandi, panjat tangga bertingkat2..and membakar lemak2 semasa menaiki tangga (this was his idea!damn you!) pukul 6 lebih tu kitorang gerak pulang.

so on the way back, sy terlihat seswatu yg menariks! jeng jeng jengggggggggggg

(image taken from fb)

tapi, i have booked anor place for my wedding reception. but still...rase mcm tempat ni sgt comel dan menarik..siap ade spa ape smua laa...

i tak sempat nak masuk sbb H drive laju gile. nak amek gambo pon tak sempat. so if ade bride to be happen to read my blog and still looking for a place to have ur wedding..perhaps u can consider Sangkot The Garden Wedding Place. they have a fan page on facebook. so u can just search through ur fb gals..

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