Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kacak bukan untuk lelaki sahaja

walaupon kacak itu sinonim dengan lelaki, tapi aku ade satu penyakit. aku akan rase diri aku kacak gile setiap kali aku berjaya buat submission atau legal opinion. dan malam ini aku terasa aku kacak.

Dato Yap Peng v Public Bank Bhd (1997) 3 MLJ 484
COA following the test in Dalmia Dairy Industries Ltd v National Bank of Pakistan: a supervening prohibition of some contractually undertaken obligation, which can be overcome by obtaining a license, will only frustrate a contract at once if the person affected by the prohibition can show that no license could in any event have been obtained. If this is uncertain, then his obligation is to use his best endeavors to obtain the necessary license, and the contract then only become frustrated if and when all such efforts have failed.

aku yang dalam mode santai dan kacak bernyanyi riang lagu gembira, kejayaan umpama breaking Gopal Sri Ram's code; was there a breach or frustration of contract? lu pikir laa sendiri nabil!!!

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