Monday, March 1, 2010

Reminiscing the past

the 5 hours get-together-gathering was held in promptu. since mary is now a teacher and her saturday is awfully occupied with the schools activities, so we met on friday evening. we exchange our stories..we laughed..but the best part was yet to come. it was only when we started to bringing about our past and laughed our heart out, for the joy, the sadness, the funny things n the prank we had together. if only i had one opportunity to go back in time, i wud change nothing...

2 tukang karut:

Nana Kuat Merapu said... either..nothing should be changed then..let them be engraved forever

~salwaredzuan~ said...

tp smp skang ni .. aku still kompius ngn budak yg masuk skolah kita masa form 4 tu..misteri beb

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