Monday, January 3, 2011

Kerana saye pemalas

ade kawan2 aku bagi suggestion...since im getting married this year...(yes you heard getting married this year.insyaallah), so frens suggested me to update on my wed preps. to be honest with u guys, i am totally green with envy reading all those bride2be blogs. unfortunately, i have started with any preps so far..even so in future, i dont think i ll be updating the details in my blog..simply bcos i am such a lazy bum! hahahah

but to think of it back, it wud be very sweet if i put on some of the details in in 20 or 30 yrs from now, whilst having my teh tarik (im not into coffee or caffeinated drinks) with hubby and my kids, we can laugh together. kids will have this to say "mum was cool! and pretty as ever".. hubby will have this to say. "wait until her entry where she's turned into a bridezilla" how cool is tht?
maybe, (MAYBE means 50-50), i ll start with simple entry like this one.heheheheh

so here we go peeps..i am left with 10 months (to conclude all the preps), 25kg (to shed off) , and 30k (to save it for the W-damn, this is the hardest!) till my wedding day!
may the force be with me!

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BLADE EDGE said...


elok jugak saranan kwn2 nak tgk mcmana suasana majlis tu berlangsung utk sblh lelaki n pmpuan..

my suggestion, kalo nk letak foto2 masa majlis di blog ni, of course laa nnt byk gmbr elok pilih gmbr2 yg the best shj..

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