Thursday, May 21, 2009


counsel T :

"if i may my lordships..justice XXX has sat on the panel at the leave stage.justice XXX has further gave dissenting judgment favoring my learned opponent. i believe with this reason, justice XXX should recuse himself from hearing this appeal. "

Justice Z:

"well..nothing unsual about that, counsel.wat say u counsel D? wd u be happy if we give u the same panel from the leave?

Counsel D:

my lord, i cant choose the panel."

justice Z sambil angguk2 geleng2...menyatakan...



nota kaki:

agak2 klu judge tu cun cam monalisa...counsel T nk apply ke to recuse her frm hearing the appeal?

2 tukang karut:

amicus curiae said...

monalisa cun ke?

kalau aku,malas la nak apply to recuse the bench.(lain la kalau im the losing side, i might la.cun mcm kate winslet pon aku akan berkeras tukaq judge la wey)

~salwaredzuan~ said...

monalisa mmg tak cun..emon-lisa cun mehhhhhhh

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