Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bukan peguam syarikat yang bijak

For some unknown reasons, company law is not my forte. i always get confused with the jargons. for some ppl, thay could easily tell the differen btw shares, debentures, equities, holding company, etc.. but i always fail. anyway, i got C *with caps* for my company law..urghhh how i wish i could trade my brain with mdm musheera or ahlam..or steal portion of theirs..

Nota kaki: terasa sgt down since this morning with fact tht im not good at all dgn company law ini..

1 tukang karut:

Anonymous said...

dah lame aku bace,br ari ni aku nk reply. ko takyah rs down, ko dapat C jer pon. Bukan gagal. Cuma ko mungkin tak minat. Sbb tu ko dpt C. Macam aku dulu masa SPM, aku tak minat Add Maths,sbb tu aku dapat C. Tapi tatau la aku kalo ko mmg minat kat Comp Law, tapi Comp Law yang tak minat kat ko sbb tu ko dpt C. Btw, C is for cursed. [Ko dengar bunyi guruh tak?] Hahahah..

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