Wednesday, September 9, 2009


dear readers,
pls extend our fatihah to kakzu's father, allayarham mat rawi. i was still at work when suddenly kak izah told me tht kakzu's father has passed away.. i was truly shocked and called her immediately..

to kakzu,
it is with deep sorrow to hear the news about ur father.My deepest condolences to ur family. i ll continue to pray for you and ur family. Allah has a reason for everything he does, so take it that this was his time to go home. May his soul rest in peace and be placed among the mukmin..

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Tijah said...


puanrazma said...

ye fatihah
moga kakzu sabar bebanyak hdapi dugaan ni

nurul@cokolat said...

al-fatihah untuk arwah..
semoga zuraini kuat dan terus kuat!

kerol said...


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