Sunday, September 27, 2009


just a quick one..

dear mr. MJ,
MJ, i know you are reading this..after our long discussion on various issues and topics last night, my best pick wud be abraham licoln and karl max. and the funniest wud be when you mentioned about what u did during the basketball training 10 years back..about what i did and my intention everytime i passed by the corridor in front of ur class, let it remain secret k..malu sehhh orgt tau) hhahahah i also think thts very cute and brave of you to have confessed that.. and now i am looking at the picture of our training session and the aftermath impact. (yer yer i looked like anak org asli yg hitam legam whereas u, are still being the exhibitionist) hahaha as what u claim u are now..andy lau kan?

ermm i have confession too..but i wont spread it here.. will talk about it ok MJ..

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