Friday, June 5, 2009

sharmini's last day@rdc

i dedicate this entry for our dearly miss sharmini aka snr (empahsize added) hahaha's her last day with us here..ermm when i say here, i meant rdc. surely we gonna keep in touch after this n catch the movie on 27 june together aite? before i started to cry, better i make this to be a very short n simple entry..let u guys enjoy the piccas as i do believe tht pictures speak a thousand of words..

snr with our beloved mascot

me, snr and mascot

rajen, snr, moi and nimmi
the ladies..ramai lagi yg available nih..sapa nak masuk line, boleh beratur ambil number!

im sure gonna miss the mascot damn mucho mucho kan?

Some people come into our lives. and leave footprints on our hearts. and we are never ever the same

4 tukang karut:

amicus curiae said...

all the best sharmini!

dia best! dah la baik,lawak plak tu.

naqiubex said...

Touched by the final lines of the post..

~salwaredzuan~ said...

u should join us for the next karaoke session. u ll be amazed with her groove..hahaha..kempunan bos aku nk groove ngn dia!

asomething like 'it takes one minute only to like sum1 and to suffer the rest of ur life trying to forget tht sum1'

yerkss..jiwang nye..sooo not me lahh..kuikuikui

shueyluweyduwey said...

sharmini ke mana pulak?

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