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I read it from the Malaysian Bar website. i am prone to open my sepet eyes widely when it comes to these lines.. hahaha

“I always refer to the words of Lord Atkinson that ‘public trials are the best way to ensure that justice is served in a noble, efficient and unbiased way.’ It is also the best way to obtain the confidence and respect of the people,” he said.
-the question is, whether public trials held are free from any control and direction of the executives in power and the ruling party?

The Sultan said however that as long as a government or authority administered its duty in accordance with the law, no court could find fault with that government.
- whether the court really appreciate the law? ermm well in some cases YES.. in some other cases, 'they' prefer to create their own laws.. ingat lagi when 5 judges in federal court made an absurd decision regarding to sivakumar's case by ignoring Article 72 of federal constitution?

“This is unless there are those in the judiciary who have lost their integrity or have chosen to play politics or sympathise with certain groups or political ideologies."
- whether we should keep those people in our judiciary and allow them to make a new ruling, indirectly binds their subordinates?

gambar hiasan

read the full article here.

renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal!!!

5 tukang karut:

amicus curiae said...

apo nok dikato.

ideally semua orang pun nampak semua benda sama, tapi practically bukan semua macam itu.

ape benda aku cakap nih.point kau betul,mata aku berpinar buat submission untuk kegunaan firm semasa ketiadaan ku kelak.eceh.

~salwaredzuan~ said...

nak buat mcm mana, kadang2 mata tak buta, tapi hati plak buta..

ko tlg wat kan submission aku skali bleh? friday ni aku ade submission laa..aku ingt depa posptponed sbb ade rayuan, tp diorg tak file stay application..hampehhh kna laa aku berhujah buat kali terakhir nih..

kerol said...

knp tiba2 byk bintang sy nmpk pusing2 d kpala sy ni..adakah sy blur & xfhm???

amicus curiae said...

aku dah kata kau akan kau jangan emo2 bagai..karang malu cakap babai kat hacks, kat yang amat arif feveret kita gsr :P, kat the other patail brother..haha

apesal makin dekat dgn tempoh berenti ni,makin interesting kes aku dapat..sigh.aku rasa sungguh iri hati dengan bos ku.....

~salwaredzuan~ said...

ni bahasa jawa tahap kelima..mmg laa org pure melayu tak phm..hihihi

aku ckp babai kat hacks sempena nk mengusir dia dr kerusi terhormat tu..supaya hakim kesayangan aku , malik ishak bleh take over kekosongan tu..hihih..

apesal aku sedih campo gumbire beb?

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