Tuesday, July 21, 2009


hey there peeps.. i know u gonna miss me this morning.. i have to be in court today and will be back in the office after lunch- if im lucky enough to get the case adjourned to some other date, i ll see ya before lunch.. of course i do wanna take sometime berjimba-ing in court cos this is gonna be my last week in practice.. so i reli wanna visit my frens there in court, having 'ngeteh' session with my lawyers fren there, gossipping around (nekwan, afzan or najib tolong alert yer..hahha).. okay lah, i think i better put a stop to my ramblings here or else i ll be late for my case ...

Raidah Salwa

Raidah Salwa i better logout now and get some sleep before i screw up my last trial tomorrow.. and guys, do pray that my case is gonna be postponed to anor date due to watever reason it may take cos i really am tired to have another battle in court tomorrow.. i just wanna enjoy my last week in practice chilling out in the ofc..heheheheh

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4 tukang karut:

kerol said...

dh lmbt dh sy cmmnt nie..haha

~salwaredzuan~ said...

tapi tetap nak komen jugak? hahah nk dapat award pengkomen terbanyak ek?lalalalala

amicus curiae said...

kenapa aku baru perasan post kau yang ini???

malangnya aku takde kes sngat la bulan2 terakhir ku ini..huuhu...all the best emong....we will miss u!

~salwaredzuan~ said...

mata ko dh berpinar dok tgk submission je laa afzan

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